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Promo Gifts

Why Choose Bit Cheaper

Our promotional and corporate gift site has been designed to provide you with  the leading online catalogue of Promotional Products in Africa.

Our gift site contains an extensive range of Apparel, Gifting and Headwear.
With over 3000 unique items you are guaranteed to find the perfect product to connect your brand to your customer.

In today’s competitive landscape, Promotional Products offer an excellent choice to advertisers who are faced with a multitude of contemporary and traditional marketing strategies, some of which have become incredibly expensive. Promotional Products allow your customers to interact with your brand and research* has shown that Promotional Products are ranked as the most highly regarded form of advertising. 86% of Promotional Product recipients recall the advertiser, 83% are more likely to do business with the brand, 81% keep the Promotional Product for more than a year and over 53% use the Promotional Product at least once a week.
It’s simple – Promotional Products Work.

*Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute © 2019

Our range of promotional and corporate gifts can be ordered either branded or unbranded, choose from the categories below, if you experience any difficulties in finding something specific please contact us via email: or call us on 086 199 4441and we will gladly assist you.


Click here to see the widest range of promotional and corporate gifts to choose from.

This link will take you to our online catalogues and corporate gift sites.

Click Here to see our choice or Promotional and corporate gifts .


There are tons of plastic gifts to choose from, from stationery to bottles, toys, etc. Click here to see more.


Our extensive stable of established brands offers our clients a wide range of quality tobacco, cigars, molasses, hubbly bubblies, electronic cigarettes and liquids, vaping devices and liquids, bongs and related products as well as smoking accessories.


Get the coolest gadgets and usb items, from personalised usb sticks, to the most awesome items for your cell phone.


Wine is always a great gift, we now offer a wide range of famous wines from the wineries. We have also negotiated with our suppliers to get selected wines unbranded.


Promotional and Corporate Apparel

Clothing that will make your company stand out and make you feel good, Ideal give away tees, golf shirts, caps , and many more

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